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@ddlovato: @Harry_styles… Is that you?? #IzodCenter #NEONLIGHTSTOUR pic.twitter.com/J521nLjsGC
@ddlovato: Made in the USA bitchesss!!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😝💗
@ddlovato: My world. @Maddielovesyou1 💜💗

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ddlovato: Just checked out the arena for the  show tonight… It’s lookin’ pretty good!!! 😝💗💜💚

@ddlovato: Sorry guys I can’t stop taking selfies cause I’m UHHHBESSED with my new hair!! Haha.. #NEONLIGHTSTOUR

(dör av snyggchock)

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Vad tycker ni om nya frisyren? Jag älskar den! 
@ddlovato: So…. This happened…… Oops. #NEONLIGHTSTOUR 💗💚💜
Rockin my fan-made LOVATO snapback… #NEONLIGHTSTOUR
 @ddlovato: Last selfie of my shaved head photo shoot. 💗💗💗😝 #NEONLIGHTSTOUR

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Nya Twitter/Instagram bilder

Let It Go är förresten ute på Svenska iTunes idag!
@ddlovato: HOW COOL ARE MY NAILS?!!?! 😝🎃👻💀🎃👻🎃💀 
@ddlovato: This is what sight-seeing looks like when you have the flu… Haha (earlier this year) #Russia
@ddlovato: Blue hurr, don’t curr..

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The X Factor (USA)Paulina Rubio and Demi Lovato are ready for the #xfactortomorrow, are you? Tune in at 8/7c for the Boys and the Groups in the #4ChairChallenge!

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Ny Twitterbild till @simoncowell

Can’t wait to give you your birthday present !!

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Förbanden på Neon Lights Tour

Förbanden är alltså Little Lix, Fifth Harmony och Cher Lloyd! Riktigt bra förband tycker jag. 

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Ny Twitterbild

butt crack.

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Demi i Las Vegas

Not mad at this.. 😝 Vegas for the day, back in LA tonight.#busybusybusy